Sid Phillips the Marine
On the streets of Mobile, the Marine recruiter had to avoid Sid’s mother for the next two years because “he took her little boy.” Sid’s father, a WWI Army veteran always admired the Marines and supported Sid’s decision. Sid went to boot camp singing and in high spirits with his fellow recruits. The Parris Island drill instructors (DIs) would change their tune. Before their bus squeaked to a stop that last day of 1941, the DI’s
Sid Phillips (R)
boarded and literally barked the raw recruits out of their seats and into what Sid called “a contrived nightmare” where the Corps tore down their civilian softness, turned the boys into robots, and taught them to think again, like Marines. Sid remembers being taunted, “You’ll be Sor-ree!” For six weeks of boot camp then six weeks of hard training where Sid became a mortarman, “Sor-ree” was right. NEXT>> © 2018 All rights reserved___