Sid Phillips with a BAR
Most WWII stories begin on December 7, 1941 with someone bursting into a crowded room and shouting, “The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor!” “Where’s that?” everyone exclaims. But Sid Phillips’ WWII odyssey began unlike any other and would remain that way. “It’s in Hawaii,” 17-year-old Sid announced to the
Sid Phillips with a BAR, stateside.
confused adults as they huddled around a radio at a soda fountain in Mobile, Alabama. Sid’s Uncle Joe was in the Navy and had served there. W.O. Brown, Sid’s great friend, worked behind the counter and suggested they join the Navy in the morning. “Ok,” Sid replied. But they were too late. The line to join the Navy poured into the street. As they waited, a Marine recruiter approached Sid and W.O. and said the Marines who would put them “eyeball to eyeball” with the Japanese. That was all it took. NEXT>> © 2018 All rights reserved___